Healthcare supply chain next in line?

One component of the healthcare picture that doesn’t get nearly enough consideration is the supply chain. Most people think of it as managing “stuff in boxes,” but it’s really more complex than that. At some point along the way, “stuff in boxes” becomes point of care necessities that have a direct impact on the safety and efficiency of healthcare operations. It is believed that there is a staggering amount of inefficiency within the supply chain, with both direct and indirect cost savings yet to be had. This blog, The Healthcare Hub, is a good place to start to learn more about current US and global efforts to change all that. Unfortunately, the supply chain hasn’t been widely seen as playing an important role in how our care delivery system works. That needs to change.

-Rod Piechowski

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Reform is Technology Dependent

Information technology is scattered widely throughout the health reform bill that was passed in the US. In order to accomplish many of the goals stated in the bill, information technology will be increasingly investigated as one component that might offer a degree of savings or capability to the system. Whether we are talking about checking for a patient’s insurance eligibility, medical homes or improving patient access to information, technology is at the heart of the solution. And it isn’t really just technology that will be responsible for this change: what we’re really talking about is information management, using technology as a modernized means of collecting, storing and moving information throughout the system. » Continue reading “Reform is Technology Dependent”

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Creativity Required

During the 14 September, 2010 HIT Policy Committee meeting, members raised the issue of quality reporting for different purposes. Much of this focused on the difference between quality measures that are reported to health agencies for purposes of meaningful use or public health, vs. the kind of measures that might be used to analyze the individual organization. While the Committee recognizes that the two can be very different, its work will likely remain tailored, at least in the shorter term, to making recommendations that directly address “meaningful use” of EHR systems as specified in the legislation that created the Committee. » Continue reading “Creativity Required”

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Confusing “Consent” Terminology Emerges

In its August 19th letter to the Office of the National Coordinator, the HIT Policy Committee creates the term “meaningful consent” related to the coming choices patients will be asked to make about the sharing and use of their clinical data. In the recommendations, the committee clearly states that the recommendations apply to exchange of identifiable health information in order to meet Stage 1 meaningful use requirements. So now is the perfect time to ensure that the difference between the two types of consent remain distinct in the mind of the patient population. » Continue reading “Confusing “Consent” Terminology Emerges”

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