In the Clouds

One of the underlying assumptions in this blog, The Art of Medicine and Technology, is that we will continue to gather more data, hopefully learn from it, and use it to provide continually improved care. Most of this data will be gathered using electronic medical record systems and other information technology systems that are increasingly finding their way into physician practices and hospitals. In our day-to-day lives, we use all kinds of tools that store messages, documents, websites and photos on servers outside of our physical control. We’re growing increasingly dependent on services in the “cloud” of connectivity to store, maintain and move our information. In the field of medicine, the growth of EHRs, and their eventual connectivity as part of the Nationwide Healthcare Information Network (NHIN) will add new dimensions to this concept. What they are talking about moving around however, is data about patient care, quality reporting and payment for services. What about the “knowledge” we will gain from research done on data? » Continue reading “In the Clouds”

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