Building a Great Team IV

It’s hard to imagine that anyone could work in the healthcare field without having some degree of compassion for others. Yet, the reality of business, and continued pressure to do more with less for less, could no doubt squeeze the last bit of feeling from almost anyone. For our purposes though, I want to look at compassion as a component that complements the rest of the five traits I look for when building a team that must lead through systemic change. This trait:

  • Reduces the prevalence of “me first” in the workplace because people more clearly see the positions of others, and can more easily integrate other points of view into the re-engineering project;
  • Is likely to be found in people who consider the patient as the ultimate beneficiary of positive change through technical innovation, and they are less likely to toss aside “the patient comes first” as a tired slogan;
  • Should be a thread that runs throughout the fabric of an organization’s culture. Remember, it is culture that must really change in order to successfully convert from paper-based to paperless information exchange. Technology is just the tool;
  • Is especially desirable on a team when the status quo is broken, methods are in flux, and there is ambiguity in roles;
  • Builds trust;

Next, I will tie all of these traits together and discuss competence.

-Rod Piechowski

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