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Health Information Technology may play a leading role in the development of improved healthcare delivery and management. While physicians, hospitals and communities in the US grapple with the idea of “meaningful use,” incentive payments and potential CMS reimbursement reductions for not using this technology, this is the time to start looking beyond these concepts. Here, we can share ideas about where this technology is going, what implications it holds for medicine and society, and how we can thoughtfully manage for the future. While much of the discussion may be influenced by activities in the US, we see this is as a global discussion. Anyone interested in the influence of technology on the art of medicine is welcome to participate.

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“The Art of Medicine and Technology” blog is published by Rod Piechowski, Inc., Consulting. From 2007 through 2009, Rod was Senior Associate Director, Policy, at the American Hospital Association, Washington, DC. Prior to that he was Vice President, Technology Leadership at the National Alliance for Health Information Technology, Chicago. In a consulting capacity, he works with individual executives, board members or organizations seeking context, technical clarity and a fresh approach to managing technology-driven change.

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